Best Practices for Using Microsoft Outlook from a Sales Perspective

Quick Poll – Which Arrow-Tip How To Would You Like to See Updated for Outlook 2010?

Yes, arrow-tips readers, its been a while! But looking back over the past several months I see that there are some posts which still get a lot of traffic and I’m still getting new users registering. It occurred to me that all those posts are for older versions of Outlook – mostly 2007. So, I’m wondering if any of you would be interested in seeing some of those posts updated for Outlook 2010. Please let me know in the comments which updated post (if any) would be of value to you:

How to Show Archive Folders in the Outlook Folder List

How to Insert a File Hyperlink in an Outlook Item

How to Rename a .pst File (Without Corrupting the File)

Outlook 2010 – It’s a Love Hate Thing Argh!

I upgraded to Office 2010 earlier this year when I purchased a new PC and have been adjusting ever since. At first, I didn’t see much not to like (other than having to find a few things again). But then, disaster struck – Microsoft removed on of my favorite features and one that made Outlook a serious contender in the contact management software world. Read on to see what I love and what I hate about Outlook 2010 so you can decide if an update is to be embraced or avoided.
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What Happened to Arrow-Tips?

Happy New Year!  Wow – have I been neglecting this poor blog!  And, as those of you who have seen me in the past six months know, it is horribly out of date for what we are doing with Advena Artemis now.  So, its time for a redesign and I’m bringing on an intern to help facilitate the process with my wonderful designers at Bread n Beyond.  In the mean time, here are some quick updates:

Sale of Gulf Coast Welding

Yay – we sold my former client (owned by none other than my Mom) Gulf Coast Welding Corp..  The deal with the new owners from Viacap was inked earlier this week and we are very excited for everyone involved.  Best of luck to the folks at GCW Corp. and Viacap – the future looks bright!

New Focus for Advena Artemis

As many of you know Advena Artemis started as a software company with our Microsoft Outlook add-in product HuntressPro.  HuntressPro enhanced Outlook as a contact management and sales management tool so that users could manage sales activities in the same place that they manage most of their other business and personal activies e.g. sending and receiving emails, keeping their calendar, and managing their tasks in, etc.  We loved the Huntress solution, but we found that we were adding more value helping our clients create, organize and manage their sales and marketing  processes than as a software provider.  And as we’ve acknowledged from the beginning, one size CRM does not fit all so we’ve ended up spending as much time helping clients select and implement other software solutions effectively as we have implementing HuntressPro. 

Since we were struggling to provide superior support to clients both as a software company and as consultants, we’ve decided to focus on the area where we are adding the most value – consulting.  We’ve very excited about this change in focus and will be announcing some great sales and marketing service offerings soon (thanks to the great people at Design at Work Creative Services for helping us with our brochure)!  In the mean time, if you are a Huntress user, please do not feel abandoned – we are still available to help work through the transition and we will still be providing Outlook efficiency and effectiveness coaching as part of our service offering.


Arrow-Tips readers will know that I am a huge advocate of working with great external marketing and PR firms and there are some especially great ones right here in our home town of Houston that we love to collaborate with.  One such firm is BrandExtract who we began our first project with last Fall.  We’ve enjoyed working with the talented people at BrandExtract and look forward to more projects in the future.

So that’s the news for now.  Look for that new service flier soon and I know I still owe you a final post on posting KPIs as well as a couple of interview posts.  We’re also about to gear back up on our bi-weekly newsletters so send us an email if you would like to be added to that distribution list.  In the mean time, happy hunting!

Arrow-Tip #65 Use Recurring Appointments to Make a Date with Your Kids

Ah, as the old Staples ad goes – it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Back to school time that is (see Staples video) and that means my kids are back in school and its time for me to ramp my work hours back up.  I’ve made a commitment though to take off early on Friday afternoons so that I can pick my boys up from school and take them for ice cream or somewhere else special.  And guess what – Outlook is going to help me keep that commitment – read on to find out how… Read More

MS Outlook Training vs Coaching – How Do You Learn Best?

A few years ago one of my largest clients asked me to do something out of the ordinary – they asked me to conduct a Microsoft Outlook training session for a group of folks from their Financial Controls Department.  Normally we work with sales, executive and entrepreneurial types so I anticipated an interesting training session and from at least one perspective I was not disappointed.  Read on to learn about my training epiphany and discover whether instructor lead training or one-on-one coaching is the best option for you to get the most value out of Microsoft Outlook or other software applications as well.  Read More

Arrow-Tip #64 Housing Your SharePoint KPI Dashboard Data

In Arrow-Tip #61 Publishing KPI Metrics in Microsoft Excel we discussed compiling data in and Excel spreadsheet and then publishing the data on SharePoint from there.  In this post we will discuss the places on SharePoint we house data that feeds the Excel Spreadsheet. Read More

Guest Post: Using to Promote Yourself

Recently I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with recent University of Texas graudate Hunter Nelson.  Like many recent graduates, Hunter is in the process of exploring internships and applying for graduate MBA programs so we spent a few minutes discussing how he is marketing himself.  Hunter mentioned a great online tool he is using called Wix and I could instantly see the potential for many great applications for Arrow-tips readers.  Whether you are searching for a new job, applying to a university, or just looking to add to your client base, Wix looks like a great opportunity to promote yourself.  So, I asked Hunter if he would write a guest post for Arrow-Tips readers on how Wix has helped him.  Enjoy! Read More

Guest Post: How a Genealogist Uses Outlook to Manage Her Activities

When my new twitter pal Alex Coles tweeted several great examples of how she uses Outlook to stay organized for her favorite hobby genealogy, I asked her if she would create a guest post for Arrow-Tips readers.  You’ll notice a few points that I’ve made in past Arrow-Tips (great minds think alike), but I thought you might enjoy learning how someone from a different perspective benefits from Outlook.  Enjoy and don’t forget to check out Alex’s website listed in her bio below! Read More

Arrow-Tip #63 Outlook Has a Journal?

Probably the least well know not to mention the most misunderstood folder in Outlook is the Journal folder.  My new twitter pal Veronica inspired me to put together this post on my top 5 favorite uses for the Outlook Journal folder. Read More

How to Reference a Web Page in a SharePoint Web Part

If you are not quite up to coding SharePoint web parts to generate their own tables and charts, you might consider creating the table or chart in Excel, saving the Excel file on SharePoint and then referencing a published web page from the Excel file in your web part instead.  Here is how: Read More

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