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OpMom Post on Facebook & Teenagers

Parents may be especially interested in a post I recently created for titled Facebook – The Good, Bad, & the Ugly from a Forty Something Auntie’s Perspective.

2009 Mom 2.0 Summit Link Post

There are so many great posts regarding the Mom 2.0 Summit out there that I thought it might be useful to have an index.  If you blogged about the conference and I haven’t included you here, please comment with the URL to your post and I’ll include it in the …

Houston Business Connection & Mom 2.0 Summit

 (picture from Mom 2.0 Summit taken by Giovanni Gallucci)

What a day yesterday was!  I started the morning off bright and early (7:00 AM!) by giving a short presentation on social media to a great networking group called the Houston Business Connection and then had the great privilege of attending the Mom 2.0 Summit where the …

Great Companies Can Overcome a Few Bad Apples

No one panic, but I spent about $5300 at the Apple store last Friday on a plethora of Apple computers and other devices. Thanks to partitioning software I will not be abandoning my beloved Microsoft Outlook so not to worry, Arrow-Tips will not be turning into an Entourage blog. …

Twitter and the Naturalization Ceremony

My regular readers know that although the main focus of this blog is Microsoft Outlook efficiency, I sometime digress into topics that I think you may find of interest. Today I was inspired by a message on Facebook from my new friend Eric G. Herman to write about a …

My Twitter Strategy

There have been a plethora of blog posts regarding that have come to my attention over the past few months – I’ve even written a couple. Everyone seems to be feeling their way around the Twitter world and wondering how to get the most value without being sucked …

Arrow-Tip #23 Could a Plug In Increase Your Outlook Efficiency?

When my friend Josh Tabin President of Mosaic CFO and co-Author at StartUp Houston asked me to write a blog post about my favorite Outlook Add-ins I was only too happy to oblige. The only problem is that I really don’t use that many Outlook Add-ins so I recruited …

Arrow-Tip #22 Should You Upgrade to Outlook 2007?

Several clients have asked me about the benefits of upgrading from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 and up until now I’ve pretty much told them the same thing – avoid it if you can. First of all, I always advise clients not to install Microsoft products until service pack …

An Interview with Rocky

My buddy and guest blogger Rocky VanBrimmer just posted an interview with me on his blog regarding how I use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Click here to check it out and be sure to leave us a comment!

Do You Really Want to Connect on LinkedIn?

by Rocky VanBrimmer


LinkedIn has done wonderful things for my business. Each day I make 5 to 6 more contacts in my region (Columbus Ohio). These are people who may want to look for what I sell, which is investment properties.

I found early in using LinkedIn that …

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