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Guest Post: Using to Promote Yourself

Recently I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with recent University of Texas graudate Hunter Nelson.  Like many recent graduates, Hunter is in the process of exploring internships and applying for graduate MBA programs so we spent a few minutes discussing how he is marketing himself.  Hunter mentioned a great online tool he is using called Wix and I could instantly see the potential for many great applications for Arrow-tips readers.  Whether you are searching for a new job, applying to a university, or just looking to add to your client base, Wix looks like a great opportunity to promote yourself.  So, I asked Hunter if he would write a guest post for Arrow-Tips readers on how Wix has helped him.  Enjoy!

From Hunter:

While I was studying at the University of Texas, my Career Planning professor suggested I create a web portfolio in order to better market myself in the future. After researching several flash websites I discovered I was impressed with how easy-to-use Wix turned out to be, and by the site’s flexibility regarding what kind of information I was able to share. I incorporated samples of my writing [see Highlights button] , my resume [see Resume button] and a brief autobiography [see Biography button] with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Just recently, I learned that I have been accepted into the MBA program at the University of Houston! Now that I have narrowed down my career path, I plan on updating my Wix page and focusing it in a more corporate-friendly direction. Given that Wix provides its subscribers the ability to present themselves in a professional manner, yet also gives users a chance to express themselves in memorable ways for potential employers or even friends, I hope to take full advantage of the services Wix provides as I step into the business world.

If you are in the market for a public relations or marketing intern, I highly recommend you contact Hunter.  Be on the look out later this week for more posts in our Using SharePoint to Communicate KPI Dashboards series and some excerpts from my interview with Apptix (hosted Outlook Exchange provider) Vice President of Product and Software Development James Bond.  In the mean time, happy hunting!

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This is a nice concise article, plus I just checked out Wix and am surprised I hadn’t heard of it before, or at least used it
Thank you for your comment, Ruth – look forward to seeing your Wix profile! ;-D Misty

  • Ruth
  • 13:55
  • August 25, 2010
  • 1.

This is a nice concise article, thanks for tip

thank you! Misty


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