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My Newest Web 2.0 Profile –

My friend attorney Dan Krohn commented to me last week that I’m everywhere on the internet meaning I’ve got a lot of profiles on a lot of sites. So when I got an invitation from social media expert Erica O’Grady to connect on a new site called “Spock” I couldn’t resist adding just one more. I am after all a trekky so a site called Spock has to be cool – right?

I’m not sure what I think of Spock yet besides that I like the name – apparently it is still in beta. I find that I still spend most of my web 2.0 time working and for business and for personal purposes. Listed below are all the sites that I have profiles on (in most cases because someone I respect invited me to join) – my question for all of you is which sites do you like the best and why?

So which networking sites do you like and why?

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I agree with you, it seems that I get a big bang for buck with Twitter and Linkedin. Recently asked a question on Linkedin about using Twitter here*2

Facebook and My Space have also been good in reconnecting with old friends and collegues.

Recently I have discovered and Jott allows you to call in to their number and it turns your voice to text. I have been using it to “tweet” and send email’s while I am on the go. There are a few other plug-in’s with to add in to this as well.

Foonz is set up for instant confrence calling and sending messages out en’ masse.

From following your blog, I am interested in the meetup’s and starting one in my neck of the woods.

As for Spock, I am not convinced this is something that I should be apart of. I am actually gauging my membership on your response. So please, keep us posted.

You Tube is also a site I am trying to figure out how to incorporate in to my daily or weekly routine. There is a benifit for posting video on there, I am not sure of what I want to post. I guess I will figure it out!

Thanks for a great topic!

Take care and Merry Christmas!


Thanks for your comment, Rocky! I have really enjoyed your twitters and your LinkedIn Q & A activity which I think is very relevant and especially helpful for users new to web 2.0 since you do a great job of not getting too technical or buzzwordy for the average person to understand. For those of you who have asked me how I use LinkedIn – Rocky’s blog is a great one to follow at


I actually forgot some – most notably Plaxo


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