Best Practices for Using Microsoft Outlook from a Sales Perspective

How to Combine Categories for Items in Outlook

Select all of the items that you would like to combine categories for. In the example thumbnail below, we want to combine the categories “Blue”, “Green”, and “Yellow” into one category called “Greenish Blue”.

Multi Categories Selected

With all applicable items selected, right click and select “Categories” from the pop up menu.

Categories Option on Pop Up Menu

The Categories window will now open. Uncheck the Blue, Green, and Yellow boxes in the Available Categories list of the Categories window. Note that some of these boxes may have a check and some may be shaded – in either case click on the box until it is clear.

Blue Category in Categories Window

Now type the name of the new category in the Items belong to these categories box at the top of the Categories window and then click the Add to List button – see thumbnail below.

Greenish Blue Category in Categories Window

Click the OK button and then you are done – the example view would now look like the one in the thumbnail below.

Greenish Blue Category in By Categories View

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