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How to Get Back a Lost Outlook Plug-in

From time to time Outlook plug-ins can some times get disabled if Outlook crashes or they may still be enabled, but may not load if Outlook is not completely leaving Windows memory upon exiting. Here are two potential ways to get your plug-in back in these scenarios.

1. Check to see if your plug-in has been disabled by Outlook

On your Microsoft Outlook menu bar go to Help/About Microsoft Outlook and the About Microsoft Outlook Window will open. Click the Disabled Items button in the lower right hand corner (see thumbnail below).

About Window

The Disabled Items window will now open. Check for your plug-in in the Disabled Items window – in the example below the Google Calendar sync plug-in is shown.

Disabled Items Window

Select your plug-in in the list box on the Disabled Items window and then click the Enable button. Click the Close button on the Disabled Items window and then the OK button on the About Microsoft Office Outlook window. If your plug-in does not load immediately, try restarting Outlook. If your plug-in still does not load, take a look at scenario #2 below.

2. Your plug-in is not loaded

On the Microsoft Outlook menu bar select Tools/Options and the Options window will open. Select the Other tab on the Options window and then click the Advanced Options window (see thumbnail below).

Options Window Other Tab Advanced Options Button

The Advanced Options window will open. Select the COM Add-Ins… button in the bottom right hand corner (see screen print below).

Advanced Options Window

The Com Add-Ins window will now open. Make sure the check box for your plug-in in the Add-Ins available list box is checked and then click the OK button (see thumbnail below).

COM Add-Ins Window

Click the OK button the Advanced Options window and the OK button on the Options window and your plug-in should now load.

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