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How to Add a Custom Field to An Outlook Table View

To access fields that you would like to add to an Outlook view you must first open the Field Chooser window. The field chooser window can be opened either by right clicking on the column header row in a table view and selecting “Field Chooser” from the pop up window (see below)

field chooser option in pop up window

or by clicking on the Field Chooser icon on the Outlook Advanced tool bar (see below).

field chooser button

There are two types of custom fields in Outlook – custom folder fields and custom item fields. Custom folder fields can be found in the User Defined Fields in Folder category of your Field Chooser (see below)

field chooser with user defined fields in folder

Custom form fields can be found either in the Field Chooser category for the form if the form is published to the folder being viewed or using the Forms category in the Field Chooser if the form is published in the user’s Personal Folders (see below)

field chooser with custom Huntress contact form selected

field chooser with forms selected

To add a custom field to the current Outlook table view, select the field in the Field Chooser list and then drag it to the column header row and drop it in between the columns where you would like it to appear (See below).

add field to column

Alternatively, you can customize the view by right clicking on the column header row and selecting Customize Current View from the pop up window. Once the Customize View window opens (see below), click the Fields button to open the Show Fields window (see below).

custom view and show fields

In the “Select available fields from” drop down box, select the name of your custom form and then you should see the custom fields associated with your form in the list box below (see above). If your custom form is published at the Personal Folders level, you may not see its name in the drop down box list so select the last option which is Forms… and the Select Enterprise forms for this folder window will open. Select your form from the list box on the left and then click the Add button to move it to the list box on the right. Then click the close button and you should now see your form listed in the “Select available fields from” drop down field.

You can now select fields in the Available fields list box on the left side of the Show Fields window and then click the Add button to move them into the “Show these fields in this order” list box on the right. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order of fields you select. When you are finished, click the OK button twice and you should now see the fields you added in your view.

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How can I add a field to the select name box, it deafults to Name, Display Name, E-mail Address, and E-mail type. I would like to add company name

Steve, sorry but I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. I’m sending you an email and once we clarify I’ll publish the answer here. Thanks! Misty

OK, after looking into Steve’s question further I realized that he is referring to the Select Names window which does not work the same as Outlook Explorer views. In Outlook 2003 it does not look like there is a way to add columns to the Select Names window. In Outlook 2007, however, there are several more standard columns (including company name) and the user can search on additional columns as well using a radio button located directly above the column headers. Sorry I didn’t have better news for you, Steve!

  • Steve
  • 16:20
  • October 20, 2009
  • 1.

Thanks for sharing

You are more than welcome! Misty


Hello, Thanks 4 sharing nice job

Thank you for your comment! Misty


How can I add a field to my outlook incomming email list that I can type in? Tried adding the “comments” field from the list, but once it’s on the table, it’s dead, you can’t type anything in the field????

Hi, Kirk! You probably just need to check the “allow in-cell editing” check box in the Advanced View Settings / Other Settings window. Hover your cursor on the field bar then right click and click the View Settings button. Then clikc the Other Settings button and then make sure to check the Allow in-cell editing check box which is the second one on the right. I created a custom field to test this solution and it worked like a charm in Outlook 2010. Thanks! Misty


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