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How to Create a Custom Table View in Outlook

Often you will want to create a custom view in various Outlook folders to see items filtered, grouped or sorted for a specific purpose. To create a table view in any Outlook folder, first select the appropriate folder in your Outlook navigation pane and then go to View/Arrange By/Current View/Define Views and the Custom View Organizer window will open (see thumbnail below).

custom view organizer

Click on the New buttn and the Create a New View window will open (see thumbnail below).

create a new view window

Type in the name of your new table and then make sure to select “Table” in the Type of View list box. Select whether you would like this view to be visible to other people who have access to this folder or if you would like this view to be available for other folders for the same item type (i.e. for an email view you may have other email folders where you will want to use the same view).

You are now ready to begin customizing your view with whatever fields, groupings and filters you would like to use for your view.

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