Best Practices for Using Microsoft Outlook from a Sales Perspective

Nice Post on Outlook Add-ins

Check out Two Outlook Add-ins You Can’t Ignore by my friend Mark Schmulen President of NutShell Mail – I tried the YouSendIt add-in after reading it and find it is pretty good for attachments under 100 MB. And look for a post from me during the next week regarding the future of Outlook versus internet based ASP solutions.

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Thank you for the link back to and our blog I have found Arrow-Tips to be a great resource for learning how to maximize my email efficiency and get the most out of Outlook. I am glad to contribute my own Arrow Tip to your community of readers. In addition, to YouSendIt, my other favorite plugins include Outlook Attachment Remover and Xobni.

Mark, thanks so much and I’m looking forward to blogging about your product soon!

  • Mark
  • 17:02
  • August 22, 2008
  • 1.

Misty, I use YouSendIt all the time and it can do up to 2GB files, I think, not just 100MB. You can set it so that it automatically turns on for attachments over X size (e.g., 10MB).

Stephan, I purchased the upgrade to send larger files on YouSendIt which works fine for me directly from the YouSendIt web site, but the plug in only seems to work for 100MB and less. Could be a timing thing since I downloaded the plugin before I upgraded – thanks for forwarding my issue to the YouSendIt folks this past weekend!

  • Stephan Kinsella
  • 06:14
  • August 23, 2008
  • 2.

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