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Twitter and the Naturalization Ceremony

Mush taking oath

My regular readers know that although the main focus of this blog is Microsoft Outlook efficiency, I sometime digress into topics that I think you may find of interest. Today I was inspired by a message on Facebook from my new friend Eric G. Herman to write about a stream of tweets I posted on Twitter during my husband’s United States Naturalization ceremony in October. Besides being inspirational, this tweet stream had some other implications that many of you who don’t quite get Twitter yet may find interesting.

This past October 29th, my husband Mushahid became a United States citizen along with about 2000 other immigrants at the M. O. Campbell Educational Center in Houston, TX. Before and during the ceremony I made posts on Twitter (also known as “tweets”) about the experience – below is my Tweet stream:

This Twitter stream produced more replies and direct messages than any other topic I have ever tweeted about. In my opinion it was because I was a) telling a story b) that people were interested in hearing c) centered around a live event. No, I didn’t make any sales that day, but I connected with a lot of wonderful people on Twitter and I will never forget all the kind and supportive tweets they sent me in replies nor the many comments I’ve heard since from people like Eric who enjoyed following that Tweet stream.

It looks like I’ve come full circle this year back to Kelsey Ruger’s presentation at Got Social Media – modern online marketing has brought us back closer to the kind of relationship selling employed back when goods were purchased at the town market.

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This is great, congratulations to Mush. I went through the same ceremony in 2002 and it was memorable (minus the tweets). Yes name change was easy, especially when shortening one’s name.

twitter @betancourtc

Thanks, Claude, and congrats to you as well!


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