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2010 Mom 2.0 Summit Link Post

Wow – what an amazing conference!  Congratulations to Laura Mayes, Carrie Pacini, Marla Trevino, the ladies from MMI including Amanda Hansen, Melissa Campbell, Lauren McKechnie, Maggie McDonald and the rest of the Mom 2.0 Summit crew!  I’ll be blogging about my Mom 2.0 experience in a separate post, but in the mean time please see below links to other Mom 2.0 posts and don’t forget to send me a link to your post so I can include it.

The official Mom 2.o Summit Blog (@mom2summit) Multiple Posts

Sarah Hubbell (@mainlinemom) Blogger Heaven, Snapshots of a Weekend

Kelsey Ruger (@themoleskin) Mom 2.0: Design The Fundamental Soul of Your Company

Elizabeth Irvine (@ElizabethIrvine) Mom2Summit full of buzz: Clear the Mental Clutter

Fiona Bryan (@banteringblonde) What you do Matters ~ What I WANT to do Matters

Erica Mueller (@ericasays) Passion Meets Conference at Mom 2.0 Summit, Design and Decor – Not the Same Thing

Haley Quarles (@princesshaley) Mom 2.0 Defining a Movement, WW-Mad {Wo}Men

Lauren Actkinson-Carlton (@mommyisrocknrol) Live Twitter Feed at Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston

Camera Shy Mom (@shuttersisters) In Real Life

Jenny Lawson (@thebloggess) You really can’t take me anywhere, You can’t take me anywhere Part II, ok, its not a blog post, but this picture is too funny – Oh it’s done been brought.

The Farylrobin team (@farylrobin) Mom 2.0 Summit Giveaway

Rachel Matthews (@sthrnfairytale) What you do matters

Jody Grundig (@JodiGrundig) Taking a Good Group Picture Can Take a While…, The Evenings at Mom 2.0

Kim McGrigg @moneymanagementNew media, social responsibility, & MMI

Jill Anne Berry (@musingsfromme) #mom2summit or I Was Wanded by Security

Karen Walrond (@chookooloonks) the beautiful faces of mom 2.0

Imelda Bettinger (@imelda) New Connections, New People to Learn From

Pammer (@outsidevoice) In the Shadow of Light

Cecily Kellogg (@Cecilyk) Inspiration. Conversation. Innovation. The Mom 2.0 Summit, 2010

Joanne  Bamberger (@punditmom) Mom 2.0 Summit and the Art of Political Motherhood

Kim Daboo (@clumberkim) Houston, We Don’t Have Any Problems At All, Das Auto

Susan Getgood (@sgetgood) Four Seasons Hotel, Houston

Chris Pitre (@chrispitre) Design-Centered Companies

Amy Bellgardt (@momspark) Mom 2.0 Summit 2010 – Wrap Up

Dionne Peters (@dionnathon) One Step Forward

Catherine Connors (@herbadmother) Sometimes, We Need Touch

Marion Montgomery (@MMIHouston) VW Changes More Than Tires at Mom 2.0 Summit, Marketing Lessons at Mom 2.0 Summit, Part I, Marketing Lessons at Mom 2.0 Summit, Part II

Liz Gumbinner (@Mom101) Inspired

Nicole Feliciano (@MomTrends) Mommy Time Monday: Mom 2.0 Summit Lessons

Lucy Chambers (@BrightSkyPress) Motherhood Cliches: The View from the Summit

Erin Lane (@mktg_mama) A Definition of True Community

JJ Lassberg (@JJLassberg) It Takes A Village to Raise a Child, Take care of clutter, settle the mind, with intention

Christine Koh (@bostonmamas) Mom 2.0 = Awesomeness, People You Should Read: The Mom 2.0 Edition

Tara Wesely (@twesely) card-carrying wanders at mom 2.0 summit

Ron Mattocks (ck_lunchbox) Mr. Squiggles’ Wonder Imporium: Being Dad Zero at Mom 2.0 Part 1, Mr. Squiggles’ Wonder Imporium: Being Dad Zero at Mom 2.0 Part II, Mr. Squiggles’ Wonder Imporium: Being Dad Zero at Mom 2.0 Part III

Maria Melee (@MariaMelee) Mom 2.0 Summit – Friday Panel Spotlight, Mom 2.0 Summit Panel Recap – Bad is the New Good: Marketing to Moms Ain’t What It Used to Be, trying to take a deep breath

Lindsay Ferrier (@SuburbanTurmoil) Momblogger Conferences 101, Street Style Mom 2.0, Cheeseburgher 5: Mom 2.0 Edition

Jo White (@Mediamum) Mom 2.0 Summit: You’re a ninja

Julie Pippert (@jpippert) Got Strategy? How a Mom 2.0 Panel Squared Away Me and My Goals

Bobbi J. Gregory (@KidtoGrownUp) Snark, Love & Pseudo Celebrities

Tracey Clark (@traceyclark) Everything In Between

Adrian Roselli (@aardrian) Mom 2.0 Summit Notes

Jenny Ingram (@JennyOnTheSpot) Mom 2.0 Summit – Like A Mountain Top Experience but Only Higher, Like Maybe  A Cloud

Jyl Johnson Pattee (@jylmomIF) Mom 2.0, Religion, and Politics – The Story of Three Mormons and A Bloggess, Mom 2.0 and the Beet Jell-O Challenge – Are You Mom Enought to Take It?

Jon (@daddyscratches) Oh, you mean that Mom 2.0 Summit I’ve known for month I’d be attending is suddenly here, and I’m once again scrambling at the last minute to get out of town? Well, at least I’m consistent., If it makes you feel any better, I am achingly aware of just how badly I suck for not yet posting an epic Mom 2.0 recap, I survived Mom 2.Ohmygodwhathaveigottenmyselfinto

Elz Bane (@txelzMom 2.0 In Summary-if summary meant longwinded

Stacey Lynn (@Stacey_Says) Mom 2.0 Summit In Review

UpSpring_Baby (@UpSpring_Baby) Mom 2.0 Summit Video

Carrie Pacini (@CarriePacini) Mom 2.0 Summit 2010

Deb Averett (@freshnestdesign) Mom 2.0 Summit Recap

Stephanie Click (@StephanieClick) Baby’s First Conference

Thoughts of a Mom (@thoughtsofamom) Psycho Cat…

Scandinavian Child (@scanchild) Mom 2.0 – a must for any company

Marie LeBaron (@makeandtakes) 3 Reasons to Attend a Blogging Conference, the Mom 2.0 Edition

Erica Daniel (@TheHaleMom) You Be You, I’ll Be Me: #Mom2Summit

Weil baby (@weilbaby) Weil Baby Welcome at Mom 2.0 Social Media Conference

Dina Vernon Freeman (@PursuitOfCute) Mom 2.0 – The Adventures of the Blogging Newbie Continue

Amy Perritte Dionne (@amypdionne) Mom 2.0 Inspired

Cammie Moise (@CyberSafeFamily) Why Blogging Matters and How It Makes a Difference

Esther Brady Crawford (@faintstarlite) Bad Mothers

Colleen Pence (@babypotential) Top 5 Reasons I Loved Attending the Mom 2.0 Summit

Tamara (@unexperiencedmom) Mom 2.0: Learning Amongst Friends, A Message I Love – Mom 2.0 and Timeout Mom Tees Giveaway

Maile Jumping the shark, Mom Part 2.0

Loralee (@LooneyTunes) Pretty much the most Awesome blogitty photograph ever

The Oscar Mayer (@wienermobile) The Oscar Mayer brand goes to the Mom 2.0 Summit

April Welch (@SimplyOrganized) Mental Clutter & Social Media (@ShePosts) Who Sponsored What?, Mom 2.0 “Responsibility Swag Light”, Blog-To-Book Authors Get Signings, We’re Creating a Lands’ End Rainbow, Mom 2.0 Flickr Stream, Heloise vs. Babywearing, Despicable Me Screening, Houston, We Have a Problem, OpMom Changes Name to The Tasteful Life, Keynote Panel: Top Mom Bloggers Talk About Brand Partnerships, Momversation Video Views Cross 20 million, Mom 2.0 Summit Moves to New Orleans in 2011, CheeseburgHers Served Up at Mom 2.0, Jenny Lawson, TheBloggess Crowned Czar of Nothingness, Mom 2.0 Recap Roundup, Farylrobin For The Stealth Campaign Award, Mom 2.0 Art & Auction Exhibit

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Pre-Post is here: Keynote post went up last night:

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I also posted, from the perspective of the one session where I was a panelist (web site usability and experience):
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My semi-summary post is here

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Here’s my post:


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Wrote a second Mom 2.0 post today. You can find it here:

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Oh! Wait! You already have it up there. You are SPEEDY… and a mind reader! Thx!

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Here is my Mom 2.0 Summit post!

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