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View Sonic PJD5111 Projector Review – Thumbs Up

As promised to my twitter pal Edward Branley, here is a quick review of the ViewSonic PJD5111 Projector based on my experiences so far.

Affordable & Quick Delivery

I purchased the projector on Amazon for $391.92 on Wednesday, May 5th and it arrived in good condition on Saturday, May 8th so pretty quick delivery and I think a good value.


The projector yield a very bright image easily visible in a room with a fair amount of natural sunlight.  No worrying about peole falling asleep during your meeting or presentation because you have to turn the lights out!

Easy to Use

I unpacked the projector, hooked it up to my laptop, turned it on and we were good to go.  It was not necessary to install any software on my computer and readjustments for screen shape were automatic.  There is no power off switch that I can find on the projector so I just unplugged the cord after I turned off the lamp.

Light, but still a little bulky

The projector is relatively light weight and much smaller than my last ViewSonicprojector (which was ancient), but it is still pretty thick in my rolling brief case.  It does fit even with my pc loaded in there as well so that pretty much meets my portability needs.

Lots more to learn

Keep in mind that I haven’t bothered to read the manual yet since the projector pretty much met my needs (projecting data off my laptop for client meetings and speaking engagements) out of the box.  But, based on the Quick Start Guide it looks like there are a lot of cool features related to the remote control and audio visual input that I have not discovered yet. 

If you are using the ViewSonic PJD5111 and have some opinions – please leave a comment and let us know what you think.  Or if you have another projector that you really love (or hate), we’d like to know about that too.

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