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Personal Organization in Your Home

From Misty: This post was authored by my good friend and celebrity designer Pamela O’Brien of Room Redo.  In addition to creating wonderful spaces in your home, Pamela works with commercial clients to design appealing yet practical professional work areas as well.  Given our recent posts regarding de-cluttering your Inbox, I asked Pamela if she could give Arrow-Tips readers some good advice for also de-cluttering their physical workspace with style.  Enjoy!

Sometimes being organized is as simple as having a few systems in place and, of course a place to keep things.  Try these easy ideas.

Have a personal organization space for everyone in the family.  This should be a spot, near the family entrance, where cell phones, keys, backpacks and mail can be kept upon entering the home.  It is also good if it is near a phone where you pick up your messages.  Be sure to have a calendar, pen and paper nearby for note taking and maybe even a bulletin board if you like to tack up invitation, photos, etc.

One of the most important aspects of this system is to have an inbox or basket of some sort where all the mail is gathered.  You can sort and act on it later, but it is important to have a convenient spot to put everything when you first get home.  An added bonus is that you will always know where you left your mail.

If you start to deal with your paperwork at home like you would at the office, you will find it goes much more smoothly.  You rarely lose papers at work because you have systems for sorting and storing.  Having an inbox and maybe even a file folder or two nearby will make your household paper work much easier to manage.

There are plenty of attractive storage containers these days so if you feel disorganized at home, pick out a nice container and start using it!  Having a depository right at your door will help keep you organized and make your home less cluttered.

You can find more great articles by Pamela on her blog.

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