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Loving my Blackberry Tour

On Sunday I decided I’d finally had enough of my 2nd Blackberry (8830 World Edition) that’s track ball kept sticking and that kept asking me to “say a comand” when the battery cover wasn’t falling off. Obviously I had issues with the 8830, but I have to say that I love love love the Tour. The display rocks, I can now take pictures and videos and so far it hasn’t asked me to order it around once.

Normally, I keep my technology until people start making fun of me (my car is 13 years old) so for me to make a change after only 18 months is a pretty big deal. But with the great discount and rebate (upgrade cost $100), the change was definitely worth it. So, if you’re about ready to jump up and down on your 8830, check out the Tour!

Feel free to comment on your Blackberry model likes and dislikes – always interesting to hear about other experiences.

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I had the same problem (trackball) with my 8830 and replaced it with a Storm, but I was not a fan of that touchscreen, so I moved on to the Droid when it came out.

What a disappointment…

I can’t wait to get back to a Blackberry – they handle email so much better.

  • Sophie
  • 23:47
  • February 10, 2010
  • 1.

Thanks so much for your input, Sophie – I was thinking about a droid, but your comment is making me thinnk twice! What do you not like about it?


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