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How to Enable Check for Duplicates Feature in Microsoft Outlook

From the Outlook Tools menu select Options and the Options window will open.

Click on the Contact Options button and the Contact Options window will now open.

Make sure that the Check for duplicate contacts box is checked and then click the OK button.

How to Create a Sub folder

From the Folder list view in the Outlook Navigation Pane, right click on the folder for which you would like to create a subfolder and then select “New Folder”.

The Create New Folder window will open.  Type the name of the new folder you would like to create in the Name …

How to Map Outlook Contact Fields

The list below shows all Microsoft Outlook fields available to import data into. I have also listed data type and a short explination for some of the ones you may not have seen before:

Name Fields:

Title (Mr. Mrs. , etc, not job title which has its own field)
First name
Middle Name
Last …

Arrow-Tip #15 You Might Be a Microsoft Outlook Snoozaholic If…

You might be an Outlook Snoozaholic if:

In the morning when your alarm goes off, you reach for your mouse instead of your clock
It takes you 15 minutes to scroll down to the oldest item in the reminder window
You stopped bothering to look at the top item in the reminder window …

New Years Resolutions & Got Xobni

My pal Rocky VanBrimmer has posted a guest blog that I wrote on his site called New Years Resolutions in a Web 2.0 World – please click the link to check it out on his site.

Also, thanks to at least 2 of you I got enough clicks and sign-ups through …

Upcoming Conference – Got Social Media?

For those of you wondering about the value of social networking sites like LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. the upcoming Got Social Media? conference will have the answers. There are some great social media celebrities scheduled to speak including Erica O’Grady, Ed Schipul, and Laura Mayes just to name …

Check Out Xobni

I just put myself on the wait list for Xobni Beta – A Microsoft Outlook Add-in that helps you better manage your Inbox. I’ve head great things about this product and apparently their demand is so high that they have a wait list for beta users – now there …

How to Profit by Networking & Prospecting (February 18th – April 11th)

So you have been networking and prospecting, you’ve collected tons of business cards… what have you done with them? Are your networking efforts helping you make the profits you hoped for? If not, How to Profit by Networking & Prospecting is for you.

Course Objective:

In our new course How …

Arrow-Tip #14 Where Did the Week Go – Using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar for More Effective Time Management

In Arrow-Tip #13 I discussed how Microsoft Outlook could be used to manage your billable hours, but tracking the rest of your time can be almost as important. I spent some time this week interviewing organizational development expert and President of Resource Management Associates Linda Carter who will …

How To Create a Recurring Appointment

On your appointment form either click the Recurrence button on your appointment menu go to Actions/Recurrence (see thumbnail below).

The Recurrence window will now open (see thumbnail below). You have a multitude of options on the Recurrence window – you can set recurring appointments to occur weekly only on certain …

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