Best Practices for Using Microsoft Outlook from a Sales Perspective

Arrow-Tip #57 Creating Metrics to Illustrate KPIs Part II

In Arrow-Tip #56 we discussed creating metrics to illustrate Safety and Quality KPIs for my client company Gulf Coast Welding (GCW).  In this Arrow-Tip we will cover Profitability and Revenue KPIs. Read More

Arrow-Tip #56 Creating Metrics to Illustrate KPIs Part I

In Arrow-Tip #53 Establishing Key Performance Indicators, we discussed choosing KPIs to track performance at my client company Gulf Coast Welding (GCW). In the next two Arrow-Tips we will discuss the specific metrics we are using to generate those KPIs and how we collect the data to calculate them. Read More

Inbox Zero One Month Anniversary & Just Say “No”








Today marks my one month anniversary of maintaining Inbox Zero – Yay!  Maintaining Inbox Zero has done so much for my productivity that I’m seriously considering tracking “Days at Inbox Zero” the way some of my clients track “Days Without a Lost Time Incident.”  You too can join me in Inbox Zero nirvana – check out our tips for managing Inbox overload to help you get started and look for our Reaching Inbox Zero e-book next month.  And to help get you started, here is a quick tip inspired by my friend and Getting Things Done evangelist Stephan Kinsella – learn to say “No.”  Read More

Personal Organization in Your Home

From Misty: This post was authored by my good friend and celebrity designer Pamela O’Brien of Room Redo.  In addition to creating wonderful spaces in your home, Pamela works with commercial clients to design appealing yet practical professional work areas as well.  Given our recent posts regarding de-cluttering your Inbox, I asked Pamela if she could give Arrow-Tips readers some good advice for also de-cluttering their physical workspace with style.  Enjoy! Read More

View Sonic PJD5111 Projector Review – Thumbs Up

As promised to my twitter pal Edward Branley, here is a quick review of the ViewSonic PJD5111 Projector based on my experiences so far. Read More

Newsletter, Facebook Pages & Upcoming Posts

The Arrow-Tips email newsletter has been officially re-launched and the first issue sent out.  If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter with tips and tricks for using Microsoft Outlook more efficiently along with other special features like events and new product announcements, click here. Read More

Professional Women’s Network of Houston Presentation

A big thank you to the ladies of the Professional Women’s Network of Houston for inviting me to speak with them about tips for using Microsoft Outlook to work more efficiently.  I thoroughly enjoyed this group and have posted my presentation to them on slide share.  I have also summarzied some highlights from my presentation below. Read More

Arrow-Tip #55 What Is Your Sales Checklist?

As a nod to my husband’s great post on using a check list to help our son get organized, I decided to resurrect this draft post regarding using a sales checklist that I started back in 2008.  Interesting side note: my original post was inspired by an article listed in a Verne Harnish newsletter that my friend Cindy Roberston referenced in a comment on Mush’s post last week – as my grandfather used to say “great minds think alike!” Read More

This morning, I taught my son to fly a 747!

From Misty:  My husband posted the following on his company blog and since I thought Arrow-Tips readers might enjoy it, he agreed to post it here as well.  Enjoy!

Read More

Arrow-Tip #54 Top 5 Benefits of Reaching Inbox Zero

This Inbox Zero thing just gets better and better – I didn’t realized how much I’ve missed it!  For those of you who think it is an impossible achievement – I’ll be announcing some very exciting news real soon so stay tuned.  In the mean time, here are my top five reasons so far for loving Inbox Zero to help get you motivated. Read More

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